Hello there,

I started this company back in May of 2015 as a response to a bad photo booth experience from my brother's wedding. They had flimsy props, a boring backdrop, and an unenthusiastic attendant. It was only after I began working that I realized that this job combines everything that I love -- photography, design, and people.


This company is a labor of love. I built this booth from scratch from observing what I liked most in photo booths -- live-view screens, an enormous amount of props, and instant high-quality prints. Everything is customizable as my main priority is to create a booth that is fit for your needs.


Choosing JTLTP means working with me from start to finish. I will be the one taking care of your booking, creating your designs, and operating your booth -- unless it's a busy day or I'm sick, then you'll get my very supportive and sweet husband, Danny :).


I pride myself in how responsive I am, so please request a quote and see how quickly you're able to reach me!