Alona + Paolo | San Francisco | Engagement Session

Together for 9 years and counting, Alona and Paolo chose Sutro Baths for the backdrop of their Engagement Session. This was our third attempt shooting together as March/April in San Francisco is gamble with the rain. We were hopeful that this day would be great as it was forecasted for sunshine, but we were hit with 15MPH winds and temperatures of 50 degrees.

Alona withstood it all with one of her bridesmaids, Irene, by her side cheering her on and holding a jacket for all the in between moments. We shot on a Wednesday, which was to our advantage as we were able to get all the shots we wanted to without having to worry about people in the background to later crop out.

My favorite story from their relationship is how Paolo "proposed". Alona was snooping through his belongings, found the ring, and Paolo had to immediately come up with a speech to propose to her. This perfectly sums up their relationship as Alona is the playful spirit that guides Paolo to keep them grounded.