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Emily + Joshua | San Francisco | Wedding

When Emily and Joshua first told me that they had wanted confetti to go with their GIF booth, all I could think about was that poor venue! We had never done confetti in our booths before because most venues don't allow the mess, but SF Studio Smith gave us the green light and we were all set! We had purchased confetti (colors chosen by Emily and Joshua), glitter filled balloons, metallic tinsel, and bubble wands to match the modern template design that Emily and Joshua had created.

The confetti was the number one grab for each photo. Nearly all of our other props were ignored as everyone wanted the confetti bomb in their photos. Emily and Joshua clearly knew what the biggest hit item would be!

Everything about their wedding was personalized. The pink backdrop represents the pink wall that Joshua had proposed to Emily in front of. Their florist, Sammy Go, lined the stairway/tables with green foilage to tie in with their outdoor Berkeley ceremony and even prepared the bouquet/boutonniere that was later on display. The cocktails, ice cream, and even napkins all had their meanings and names on them.

The most impressive part was the black and white same-day video edit of the ceremony and lunch reception by Sammi Yu that was projected onto the wall. I even heard that the photographers, Eden Strader and Chelsea Fabrizio, and videographer, David Rho, were able to get in a stylized-like shoot against the pink wall before guests arrived! This insanely romantic and intimate wedding was all a result of Emily and Joshua's creative thoughts and attention to detail.

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