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Javi + Tom | San Francisco | Wedding

Javi and Tom's wedding was on the most popular wedding date in 2018 (08.18.18).

Just the Little Things Photos | Photography | Photo Booth | San Francisco

Not only is it an easy date to remember, the number 18 is culturally recognized as lucky, and the number 8 resembles the infinity sign.

Their wedding was held over at the Omni Hotels & Resorts in San Francisco.

They went above and beyond to entertain their guests starting with a bubble gun grand entrance, a choreographed first dance, a money dance, and ending the night with a late-night snack and dessert bar.

Javi and Tom had chosen to upgrade their package with our photo guest book and video guest book for even more memories to treasure.

The best moment of the night was during Tom and Javi's video message when Javi said, "Thank you for always being the best." and Tom responded with, "I'm always the best."

Just the Little Things Photos | Photo Booth | Photography | San Francisco

Congratulations on such a beautiful wedding Javi and Tom!

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