Priscilla + Ricky | Oakland | Engagement

Even if you could bottle up sunshine, it wouldn't even come close to the warmth and light that radiates between Priscilla and Ricky.

Their love story began in a coffee shop four years ago, which is perfect as Priscilla will be the one to boost you up and Ricky will be the one to relieve your anxieties.

This was one of the best shoots we've done as they were both so giddy and giggly around each other.

We barely had to guide them as they were already so affectionate with each other.

It felt more as if we were spying on their date day to the Redwood Regional Park and Lake Merrit versus a regular photo shoot.

I can't help but gush over these photos as they bring me so much joy to see such a genuine and unmistakable love.